1. Keno

Yes, this is possibly the worst bet you’ll find in top online casino sites. The typical house edge hovers around 25-percent, that’s better than state lotteries, but this is not saying much. Still, the rate of the game is slow and if you just make one stake per game you won’t lose much money.

2. Any Seven (Craps)

This is an one-roll bet the next number rolled will be a seven. The house edge is a gigantic 16.67 percent. Even if you just wager a dollar, you may lose about $ 20 per hour, should you make this bet on every throw!

3. Progressive Slot Machines

Yes, those colossal multimillion dollar jackpots certainly are tempting, but progressive games are the very worst machines within the casino–no matter the denomination is. The house edge ranges from 12 to 17 percent. As a result, you lose between $12 and $17 for every $100 you wager in the very long term. Making the scenario even more brutal is the fact individuals have a tendency to play these games very fast. How much can a $1 slot contestant lose on an inter-casino connected progressive? An increase of nearly $400 per hour. Whoa!

4. Tie Bet at Baccarat

Normally, this bet comes with a house advantage of around 14 percent. With conventional baccarat, played in the high roller rooms, the game is comparatively slow; at mini-baccarat, but, the velocity of the game is very fast. This stake is awful in both games.

5. 2 and 12 (Craps)

boxcars (12) and Snake eyes (2) all have some house edges of 13.89%. These are one-roll wagers for the unwise and unwary craps player.

6. The Whirl or World

This can be a multiple number of (2, 3, 7, 11, 12), one-roll bet with a house advantage of 13.33%. Steer clear of this one.

7. The Horn (Craps)

Another multiple amount (2, 3, 11, 12) one-roll bet that comes in with a house advantage of 12.5 percent. There’s a saying, “See a horn, wager a horn.” The actual expression should be, “You need to get an idiot to gamble the horn.”

8. 3 and 11; Hard 4 and Hard 10; Any Craps (Craps)

Ironically, the 11 has an 11.11 percent house advantage, as do the remainder of these wagers. These wagers should hold no interest for you, since making them on every single roll will cost you $11.11 per $100 wagered.

9. 5-Cent Slot Machines

The non progressive, low denomination slot machines do have high house edges, approximately 10 to 12 % and most folks play them rapidly, resulting to their losses to adding up rapidly.

10. Hard 6 and Hard 8 (Craps)

At this point we’ve left the double-digit house edges behind us, but these two bets are still rather awful with a house advantage of 9.09 percent. They’re not active on each spin, which helps a little.